Weekend in LA

Decided to take a quick trip to LA for the weekend to visit some friends and family. So naturally that meant it was time to check in with the So Cal chapter of Boyz on the Hoods.


Topher was kind enough to let me borrow his 56cm 1984 Specialized Expedition. Funny story is that I previously owned this Expedition, until I decided to size down and found an identical one in 54cm. The bike actually worked pretty well for me considering the Rivendell/French style/”fistful of seatpost” style of fit. Anyways, Topher recently re-built it with a Sugino triple, Veloce shifters, and a bangin’ wide rim wheelset coupled with some Jack Brown Green tires. I got to put some good mileage on it and can give it the thumbs up as an all arounder gravel grindin’ sport touring fat tired fun (got any other marketing buzz words?) bike!

On Saturday, Luke, Topher and I rode down to Turnbull Canyon in Hacienda Heights. Cycling through different cities in Los Angeles County makes you feel inconsequential compared to the great expanse of the land and while the scenery doesn’t quite match the Bay Area, there is something about the weird cultural landscape that I’m not sure how to describe. I also forgot how brutal the sun can be and we spent most of the day roasting away. We capped off the day by drinking some 7-11 Slurpees and eatin’ some tortas in El Monte.

On Sunday, we met up for the Feel My Legs I’m a Racer #8 event. Basically, it’s a fun yearly race/ride that’s thrown by Matt Ruscigno and the SWARM bike crew, and it traverses ten of the steepest hills in Los Angeles.

I made it up 6/10 hills, and attempted and failed another, and skipped the three steepest hills in LA (Eldred, Baxter and Fargo). Topher and Luke fared better than I did but the general consensus was this was one tough ride. Once again, big props to Matt and his volunteers for throwing this event, as it takes a lot of planning and coordination to hold such an awesome event. Speaking of awesome volunteers, I also met Errin (Frontage Roads DOT com) and he hooked it up with some patches and stickers. Thanks dude!

Here are some awesome photos during the event (courtesy of Donovan Jenkins and Michael Wagner) that demonstrate some of the pain we experienced:





Can’t wait till the Bay Area and So Cal Boyz on the Hoods unite for another joint ride. Until next time…

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