Mt. Tamalpancakes Ride

This is the second year in a row where it seems like I’ve gone into rando-sabbatical after the SFR Fl├Ęche. It’s nice to go on some shorter rides and even ride with some friends you haven’t ridden with in years.

Carlin found out about this awesome event which acts as a fundraiser for the maintenance and preservation of a historic inn that is a great rest station for hikers and bikers. Here are some photos from the day of sun-filled fun:

Ian with his custom painted Oakley Radars, and someone’s matching Serotta Colorado in the background

Riding with new friends and old friends up Old Railroad Grade

This is Matt on his Riv Atlantis, which he biked across the country on

Bike pile up at West Point Inn

Admittedly, the pancakes were okay but the trip and scenery was amazing

You can see San Francisco off in the distance

Carlin and Kevin enjoying the sunlight

Ian picked up some electric green bibs (MUSA!) on sale at Bike Odyssey on the way home

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