#fauxvet 1.0 – Rain or Shine!

A few days until the #Fauxvet 1.0 and inevitably the weather wizards “meteorologists” are calling for rain. So I’m guessing you want to know if this ride will still happen?

Well sometimes it rains, and sometime it POURS. Some of us don’t believe in the rules but since this is America, you’re welcome to believe whatever you want. Period.


Just keep in mind the fender zone etiquette, pack your rain jacket and be prepared for the worst!

#fauxvet 1.0

faux /fō/ adjective: not genuine; fake or false


brevet /brəˈvet,ˈbrevit/ noun: An unsupported 200-, 300-, 400-, 600-, 1000- or 1200- kilometer ride, under RUSA or ACP guidelines


Mixed terrain centuries appear to be the latest cycling craze so let us introduce the Boyz on the Hoods #Fauxvet 1.0. All the fun of your typical brevet, but no stinkin’ time limits or control point receipts necessary! This isn’t a race but more of an opportunity for us to share one of our favorite mixed terrain routes in the Bay Area with others.

Some Disclaimers:
1. Make sure you have all your food, tubes, tools necessary for any issues (physical/emotional) you may encounter.
2. Bring some of that allowance money, so you can buy some lunch, maybe a beer, and have some leftover cash for your Caltrain fare back to San Francisco.
3. Dude I don’t know what tires you should run. Jack Browns/Gran Bois Hetres/Panaracer Paselas? Cool. That wide CX tire you already have on your bike? That’ll work. Those crusty sun-baked gumwall tires or some skinny Michelin Pro Race 4’sss? Err… probably not.
4. Gearing question? Kinda like the tire question but pretty much whatever you’re comfortable with. There’s about 6,000 ft of climbing, so keep that in mind.
5. This ride is pretty hard but not like Contra III hard. In other words, make sure you’re adequately prepared for this ride but you don’t need to spend the next month in your hyperbolic time chamber.
6. Most importantly, bring good vibes to the ride and don’t be an idiot or jerk (seriously).
7. It’d also be cool if you RSVP’d in the comments, just so we get a rough head count of who’s going!
8. I forget what 8 is for.