BDB Pelican Spec Sheet (TL;DR version)


Out of all the bikes I own, I think my Box Dog Pelican has the most stories and reasoning behind ever single part and component. The following table is a list of every part that is on the Pelican and why I chose it. (note: it is very long and nerdy)

(Also there are no commas in the description, due to some weird table widget I used. Sorry in advance)



Type, Part, Why I like it, Source

Frame, 60cm 650b Pelican, Designed by Gabe Elhert (a well respected randonneur and friend) This frame also supports my favorite local bike shop and is an amazing frame:, Box Dog Bikes


Box Bag, Acorn Box Bag in Original Tan, I first discovered Acorn Bags about 4 years ago when I was researching touring bikes. This was when my object of desire for a touring bike was the Masi Randonneur. (more on the origins of my dreams of randonneuring later) Positive reviews from the Path Less Pedaled Blog made me want it even more. I’ve dreamt of owning this bag for about two years until I picked this up from a craigslist deal in Orange County about two years ago. I believe the bag was originally being sold as a group with another bike. The seller was kind enough to sell the bag separately. Fortunately I still keep in contact with the seller today in emails and occasional lunches., Daniel

Saddle Bag, Acorn Roll Bag in Original Tan, I’ve also dreamt of owning the roll bag for quite some time. I’ve thought this to be a clever and cute way to store tools. , LAFixed Forums


Tires, Grand Bois Hetres, Fat and fast; Jan thinks they’re the best thing in the world. I love love love the clay color on the tires. It reminds of shredding it hard in the Marin Headlands and having a reddish film of dust all over your bike. , BDB

Front Wheel, Velocity Synergy 36h to Schmidt SON28 Classic, Solid 36 hole wheelset; built by the amazing wheelbuilder Rich Lesnik. If you haven’t met Rich I highly recommend you do. , Traded Carlin for the Rims and Koga Miyata for hubs

Rear Wheel, Velocity Synergy 36h offset to White Industries rear hub, White Industries makes a darn light rear hub that also makes a beautiful noise when coasting. I love the silver polish rounded bubble in the center and the bay area roots of White Industries. ,Traded Carlin for the Rims and Koga Miyata for hubs

Fenders, 650b Honjo Zeppelin 58mm wide, To me these are the best looking metal fenders. Beautiful lines from front to back and a unique and elegant shape. Also a beautiful installation job by Box Dog Bikes. , BDB

Mudflaps, Gilles Berthoud Leather Cork, I originally wanted a cork Gilles Berthoud Aspin saddle but I got too anxious about it. I guess I thought it would be too bold for my taste. Instead I got the cork mudflaps. I thought this would be very fitting as it already looked dirty and mud splattered, BDB

Front light, Edelux II, Ever since I heard about the Busch & Muller Luxos B I’ve been waiting for the time that Schmidt comes out with their fancier more elgeant aluminum body Edelux. The light came out in the nick of time before this bike got built otherwise I wouldve been rocking a Busch & Muller Luxos B. (Light mount was custom made by BDB from a centerpull derailleur), Peter White Cycles

Rear light, Busch & Muller 4D Light Plus, This tail light has been in my possession for probably about 2 years now without me mounting it. Nevertheless this is still my first choice for rear dynamo taillight. I love the reinforced protection bar to secure my light in the case of a rear end collision. Also the long flat reflector seemed to be the most optimal shape for a reflector. All in all it’s the most reminiscent of old french style fender mounted reflectors IMO., Velo Orange?

Other Components,,,

Front rack, Nitto M-13., Not going to lie I got this rack because Jan said so. More than that I really like how it looked without a handlebar bag (small & compact) and how it sits very low and close to the fender to drop the weight of the bag. These things I do believe to be important.,  BDB

Seat Post, Nitto S-65 Crystal Fellow, I normally care very little about seat posts but I really really enjoyed the pantographed Nitto at the head of the post and all in all loved the modern square tappering at the top. I think it carries this blend of classic & modern theme of my bike,  From Irving. When Irving realized he needed a seat a different seat post for his Rawland Stag I hoped on the opportunity to get this seat post

Stem, Nitto S-65 Crystal Fellow, If it wasn’t for Ely from Ruthworks I wouldn’t have even known this stem existed. Once I did know I had to have it. I was obsessed. The rarity of stem drove me to want it even more. Apparently this stem isn’t production anymore. It’s a real shame because it’s on of the prettiest stems I’ve seen. Similar to the seat post the stem has a modern ‘edgy’ look for a quill stem . Also it matches the lines of the fluted honjo fenders so well. This is my favorite part on my bike, WTB post on iBOB Google Group

Headset, Chris King Two Nut, I was initially going to go for a needle bearing headset (admittingly mostly for Rando cred) but I was suggested the silver Chris King. After one look at it I realized that this would really complete the bike. Headsets are not something I want to service in the middle of the ride and the Chris King two nut works well with the extended steer tube. , BDB

BB, Phil Wood’s Sealed BB, One of the few things that did not get damaged when the Koga-miyata was rear ended (while on a trunk rack), Koga

Bars, Grand Bois Randonneur Bars, I had a great experience with these bars from my Koga Miyata Rando build before it was rear ended. These bars are truly comfortable if you spend a lot of time riding on the tops of the hoods (area just behind the hoods), BDB

Bar Tape, Toshi Leather Tape, With the Koga Miyata I used Velo Orange’s leather tape and I thought it was… just alright. Every time I rode the bike in the rain the leather would feel weird and crumbly for about two weeks afterwards. I considered for a while using shellac’d cotton tape but I ended up really enjoying how the Toshi Leather Bar Tape looked on the Pelican display at Box Dog Bikes. Angus did a killer job wrapping the bars as this leather is particularly hard to stretch. , BDB

Saddle, Berthoud Aspin Tan, I have a Brooks B-17 on my previous bike that I love. People swear by the Berthoud Aspin so I wanted to know the story, BDB

Brakes, TRP Euro X Silver, In all honesty I wanted Paul Canti brakes because they look the most like Mafac cantilever brakes are incredibly easy to adjust on the fly. I chose TRP Euro X brakes as they are similar in to the Paul CNC machined look but have a slightly lower profile so they fit a little better with the Nitto M-13. Unfortunately it seems that Paul Cantilevers stick out just a little too far to make for a completely level rack. TRPs look just as good and brake very well. , Ebay for really cheap! I think $23 which is a steal.


Shifters, Campagnolo Centaur Ergo Shifters, I’m very happy with these as they are new the new hood shape model with “Ultra-shift” capabilities. I’m not actually very knowledgable about all of Campy’s shenanigans but these shifters can drop about 6 gears at once going down and about 4 going up. Braking feels great. Hoods are very very comfortable. The new hood shape from campy feel better on downhills on the dirt as they have something to hold on to. This is also compared to the previous 10 speed hoods which are a bit shorter. The other big reason I chose Campagnolo was because of the really good trimming abilities for triple shifting. I’m very pro-triple gearing and I think Campagnolo does it best. I particularly like this pair because it’s silver and shinny 🙂 , Once Irving decided to go with bar end shifters I hopped on the opportunity to buy his ‘rare’ shifters.

Cranks, Campagnolo Comp Triple, I love the non existent Comp Triple grouppo. Why doesn’t it exist anymore? Maybe only in the form of Athena Triple but ultimately it’s not the same. Campagnolo’s Comp Triple was a great group set that is silver and squared tapered (for durability as the Rando world believes). 170mm, Ebay

Chainrings, 28T 39T 47T by TA, I bought these chainrings originally for the Koga Miyata’s record triple crankset (135mm BCD). I wanted to have a low granny gear so I chose a 28 tooth ring; next I wanted to have a middle ring with a wide range but can still be low enough to shift to the 28 tooth granny ring. Lastly I chose a 47tooth top gear because I thought it was a funny number of teeth. Who else has a 47tooth chainring?,

Rear Derailleur, Long Cage Campagnolo Comp Triple , It was in between this and the highly desired Campy record Titanium/carbon body long cage derailleur; I thought it was silly to have a record derailleur with Centaur grade everything else. After much searching I found a pretty good deal at a Triathlon marketplace. What triathletes do with long cage derailleurs? I don’t know,

Front Derailleur, Campagnolo Comp Triple, This was also an item bought for the Koga Miyata before it got hit. My Ultegra FD had some problems shifting into the granny gear. ,

Chain, Centaur 10 speed, I received this chain as an extra chain when I bought the Koga Miyata 2+ years ago from Izayuh. I’m happy that I finally got to use it., Izayuh

Cassette, 12-30 Centaur Cassette, After having the 13-29 cassette on my Koga Miyata I wanted to increase the range by a bit to 12-30. I waited and waited until Campy finally released the 12-30 cassette.,








Irving’s “One Less Specialized” Expedition

Over the past week, Roubaixgate has left a sour impression for cyclists everywhere regarding one of the biggest cycling brands in the world. It’s no surprise that this story blew up in social media and everyone got their Twitter pitchforks ready to skewer Specialized and their trademark policies. Everything that needs to be said about it has already been put into better words then I can formulate (here and here) although it seems like this has been a recurring trend and will probably continue (see Volagi, Epic Wheel Works and now possibly Epix Gear for example of Specialized’s litigious happy ways).

I didn’t go to law school so I can’t comment to corporate trademark policies, etc and I definitely don’t have an involved relationship with the mainstream retail bicycle industry but I personally like some of Specialized’s products (I just ordered a box of 200 of their custom water bottles for club distribution). I guess in lieu of having anything substantial to say about this situation, I will instead present my beloved 1983/1984 “One Less Specialized” Expedition.

Right now, it’s in HomerCar mode and it’s my commuter that’s equipped to handle whatever tough city livin’ awaits me on a daily basis. Heck, it even inspired a copycat build (J/K Carlin!).

Anyways, I expect drones to deliver lawyers (not just the papers) to my apartment door and serve me with some cease and desist papers any second now.

Ice Ice Baby

Woke up to go for a morning spin with some friends in the Headlands, but due to frigid temperatures we opted for a short coffee run and an excursion through the park.

Unfortunately for me, mother nature converted the bike lane in Golden Gate Park to an ice skating rink and a minor spill occurred. Anyways, we got some post accident footage of Brian sliding around in UGGZ (and yes he wore them on the ride today).