Super Soaker Weekend

There’s a long list of reasons to ignore or completely avoid the Super Bowl and 2016 marked the start of a possible Bay Area tradition for like-minded supporters of bikes, outdoors and the #s240 lifestyle. Given that so many sequels are better than the originals (Empire Strikes Back, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, 2 Fast 2 Furious, to name a few…), the stoke level was high for the 2017 version.

Yet there’s always a certain anxiety when it comes to planning a social gathering. Did I invite too many people? Did I forget some people? What if rival posse’s show up and people start beefin’? Will there be enough food? Probably (not). What about beer? Oh god, what about people who don’t drink beer?!?! To complicate matters was the rainy weather that had occurred for most of January and the meteorologists/shamans forecasting rain for the weekend of February 4th.

I had once told Manny, it doesn’t count as bailing on your own ride when no one shows up. And given the foreboding clouds on Saturday morning, I was honestly hoping that people would come to their senses and spend a nice weekend indoors. Yet as I waited at the meetup spot at the Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion, my heart sank when I saw riders with nervous smiles roll in completely drenched from the morning showers.



Left with no choice but to actually proceed with the bike camping trip, I was convinced that the group would either: a) have a good time for the rest of the weekend or b) murder me Lord of the Flies style. The benefit of being soaked at the beginning of the ride was that it set relatively low expectations and that things could only go uphill from there, right?



Things did physically go uphill as we climbed up Camino Alto to Fairfax for a small lunch and grocery stop. No sooner had it stopped raining, than someone in the group would declare “looks like the weather will be good!” The typical response from the group was to stare daggers at the person who had jinxed it, as the rain would inevitably return. Being slightly cold and wet made climbing up the infamous White’s Hill slightly more bearable. A group of 20 or so wet humans and a pup made it to the campground without any major incidents. Upon reaching the campground there were many leisure activities to choose from: scouting for the best possible tent locations, chopping wood and starting fires, and enlisting in a contract of indentured servitude were all popular choices.


The great thing about the Madrone Group Site at Samuel P. Taylor is that there is a large amount of space for up to 50 (!!!) campers. Throughout the late afternoon, we had additional stragglers roll into the campground. Some groups had missed the rain showers while others encountered some fierce rains and winds. Each group of riders arrived to a chorus of cheers and invitations to join the campfire. It really surprised me the total amount of people that made the effort to join the campout despite the alternative of staying warm and toasty at home. For the rest of the evening, we oogled each other’s bikes and camping setups, attempted to expand the modular rain shelter with some tarp reinforcements, and finished the evening sharing drink and food.

Spirits were still high the next morning as mediocre espressos were served, tasty treats were made in a cast-iron wafflemaker, and tours of an impeccably decorated vanagon were given. I ended up drinking way too much #coffeeoutside amidst all the conversations and socializing. After more bike geekery and bike swapping, groups began to pack up and say their goodbyes before departing.

A few days before this camping trip, I attended an event where a performer addressed the audience at the end and stressed that “…in times like these, art is especially important.” This quote resonated with me in the days to follow, and this trip reiterated that spending time doing things you enjoy and seeing your friends is especially important in these times. Just some simple words and aspirations but something I continue to hope to do for the rest of 2017 and beyond.

SAVE THE DATE: Old Ridge Route Metric Century, 12/26

Looking for an un-festive way to pick up some KM’s this holiday season?

Brian had heard about the Old Ridge Route a few years back and had casually mentioned about exploring it some time. Fast forward to 2016, and SFR planned a pretty awesome 1000K route where many of the finishers raved specifically about Old Ridge Route. Check out rando superstar Max P’s photos and recap of the ride here.

Anyways, Brian and I would love to have company on the route. Details below:

Old Ridge Route Metric Century
Meet up at Castaic Starbucks 7:30am
Roll at 8:00am

Bring plenty of food and drink as there are limited services for major portions of the route. Also bring lights and reflective gear if you plan on riding at chill MPH, since we might be finishing after sunset.

CHEERS and cya in a few weeks.

#bdbsummercamp #solsticecampout #boyzonthehoods @ Lake Del Valle

I get it, it’s tough to commit to social events especially when people like Courtney don’t care if you go or not.

But I REALLY do care, and if you haven’t committed to a Swift Campout 2016 event yet, it would be dope if you joined the Boyz and Box Dog Bikes at Lake Del Valle!

Some of us will be leading a group on a VERY CHILL ride from Dublin Pleasanton BART, meet up is at noon on Saturday June 25th.

You can explore the good times at the previous #bdbsummercamp’s here and find event details here!


The weeks leading up to the Super Bowl weekend were downright chaotic in the Bay Area and while there was some humor directed at the issues, there also was an uneasy feeling of corporate greediness, inequality and injustice and just bizarro choices in general that permeated daily life.

With all of that said, I’m glad I was able to coordinate with my friends in January and plan an escape from San Francisco for the Super Bowl weekend. Most people joined for a quick S240 to the Madrone Campground at Samuel P. Taylor State Park, and a select few braved an extra night at the campground while fending off raccoons and ravens. There was even time for a quick jaunt to Point Reyes Station for some excellent pastries, a side trip to Black Mountain Cycles (where Jacquie Phelan and Charlie Cunningham were just chillin’ on the couch) and an afternoon hike to Mount Barnabe. All in all, a good weekend and hopefully just one of many camping trips planned for 2016.

Here’s a collection of some of the great moments as documented by the Instagrams and flickr’s of the internets (click the photos for the sources, I ain’t taking credit for your photo mastery!):

super bowl weekend bike camping 2016

Boyz on The Hoods #escapefromsportsball

Escape from Stuporbowl Camping trip to Samuel P Taylor

Summer Skool Sessions #3 – North Bay Route

It appears school is back in session and it’s debatable whether or not it’s still summer, but come join us anyway for our final curated ride of the year! Ride #3 will take place on Saturday September 26th and we’ll be embarking on a ‘best of’ dirt tour of Marin county.

Meet up is at 8:00am at Dynamo Donuts in the Marina (GPS: 37.805847, -122.447447). Roll out at 8:30am.

2015-09-10 (1)

We’ll be riding 30+ miles of dirt fire roads & trails on this 70 mile ride. For the North Bay savvy, we’ll be riding Old Railroad Grade -> 7 Sisters -> Bolinas Ridge Trail -> Cross Marin Trail -> Old Railroad Grade (White’s Hill) -> Larkspur/Tiburon Ferry back.

Expect large roots & ruts on Bolinas Ridge Trail. You can certainly run what you brung, but try to bring 45+ tires or 30+ tires with your rad bike skillz.

Remember to bring your lunch money, because we’ll be stopping at Arti’s Indian Cafe for lunch in Lagunitas (sandwiches from nearby deli are also good).


The leg between the two water spots: West Point Inn & Samuel P. Taylor can be long & thirsty. Bring 2-3 large water bottles. We will try to make the 4:45pm Ferry at Larkspur but will go to Tiburon if that doesn’t work out.

Hope to see you there!

Summer Skool Sessions #2 – Peninsula MTBrevet Ride Report

With summer in full swing, it feels like “The Days Are Just Packed”. Trying to make the most of these long days, this past weekend’s Summer Skool Session #2 ride (a.k.a. MTBrevet) tried to emulate these feelings of carefree exploration and wonderment of the great outdoors.

It was great to see a grip load of people meet up for the ride at the 4th and King station at Caltrain in San Francisco, as we nearly took over the train car. It was even cooler to see a few more people hop on Caltrain along the way at different stations and another group meet us at the proper ride start in Mountain View. All in all, we had a head count of 24 during the ride. There was such a quirky mix of rando bikes, cross bikes, mountain bikes, and other bikes that defied conventional categorization. Surely with that many people and bikes, there would be some pressure for the route to be amazing, right?

Safe to say, after rounding each corner or climbing up the next set of hills, riders were greeted with scenery that seemed to transcend the views that they had just seen. About midway through the ride, there was a magical Hot Dog stand oasis that provided much needed sustenance and hydration for the group. Shortly after departing from this oasis, there was a stark change in the scenery on the route and it pushed us into full “mind blown” territory.

After forty some miles and somewhere between 5000-6000 ft of climbing, with nearly half of it on single track, the group stopped at the Alpine Inn for a few post ride burgers and brews. Here are some highlights from the ride:


(Source: Jake Mann)

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You can check out Jenny Oh’s ride report and photos here, peep Manny’s photos here, and view some other photos from the ride here. Stay tuned for the details for the final Summer Skool Sessions ride of the year!

Summer Skool Sessions #2 – Peninsula MTBrevet

(Photo Source: Manny Acosta)

Ride #2 of our Summer Skool Sessions will take place on Saturday, June 27th.

Things will work a little bit differently for this route, as we will meet up at:

4th and King Caltrain Station at 8:00am
– Board the Southbound Train #422 at 8:15am
– Arrive at Mountain View Station at 9:31am

As usual, run what you brung, but unless you have sick skillz, you may want to bring at least a 700×40 width tire with some tread or be prepared to walk or cool it now on some of the sections.

Summer Skool Sessions #1 – OG Fauxvet Route

So the Boyz have been getting a failing grade in the blogosphere this past calendar year, so we’ve been forced to enroll in Summer Skool Sessions.

This past Saturday was the first ride in our series, a tried and tested route through some beautiful coastal scenery and redwood forests. Here are some highlights from the grams of instant:

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A photo posted by Ian (@iankizublair) on

A photo posted by Brian (@brianoei) on

Stay tuned and keep your eyeholes open for more details about ride numero #2 and #3 of the series.