2013 BASP #2 Candlestick

This weekend, I lost all my money betting on #414 at the CX races.

Just kidding! I borrowed a cowbell, heckled some friends, and had a great time.

BASP Candlestick Race 2 - 2013

All other clubs can suck it!

Picture credit goes to Erik Cho

One thought on “2013 BASP #2 Candlestick

  1. Ah! Cyclocross.

    I truly enjoy seeing the youngsters inspired by my blog posts and getting out there and exerting themselves with a fine bracing hour of spirited cycling. Evidently Cat C is short for Category Carlin!

    Carlin needs to work on his grimace. He just is not telegraphing total dominance. Also, I would like to borrow his rock lobster so I can compare it to my 1982 Alan cross bike. Please hurry before the thing becomes unglued at the lugs.

    Cheers! Janny Hiney

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